January 17, 2018


PLC Programming and configuration Full Backups, offline storage and restore of programs or current systems.

Siemens S7, 200, 300, 400, 1200, 1500.

Allen Bradley SLC500 and CompactLogix 5000.

Mitsubishi A, FX and Q Series.

Omron Syswin, CX Programmer, Sysmac Studio.

Fieldbus ProfiBus DP, ProfiBus PA, ProfiNet, ProfiSafe, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, CC-Link IE, IO-Link.

Safety BS EN 13849, BS EN 61508, BS EN 62061, BS EN 12100.  Siemens 300, 400, 1200 and 1500 F CPU, Pilz M units, PasCal and Sistema verification.

Motion Siemens S120, S210, V90 G120; PM240, PM250, G120C, V20.  Siemens CU230P, CU240, CU250, CU310-2, CU320-2, CUA31, CUA32.

ABB Robotics Full software development and configuration from scratch to a complete working robotic system. With integration to PLC for control and data transfers within a machine or production cycle.

SCADA Systems Siemens WinCC SCADA system. Full integration with multiple PLC systems and data storage and presentation.

Vision Systems DVT, Cognex and Sherlock vision system programming, including custom scripts and integration.

Labview Graphical programming environment, offer full development for lab control equipment or can be used in sequences in machines for more complicated data dependent tests.

Android software development of custom applications.

C/C++ Linux and Windows software development.

JAVA development for various applications.

SQL database integration, storing production data to a company database for report building.

Specialist communications Cross PLC communications (Siemens to Allen Bradley etc).

Micro-Processors Microchip, Atmel, Arm. Full software development of embedded controllers for custom control circuits.